Monsanto’s at it again; petition power

This is’s petition to the European Patent Organisation member states (38 European countries, from Macedonia quite recently, to the UK, France, Belgium and Germany who joined when the European Patent Convention was signed in 1977.

It’s not very well explained on the petition site, but what’s happening is that Monsanto has recently sued a farmer in Indiana for purchasing and growing some of their GM seeds, saving seeds from the resulting crop, and planting those the following year. They made that seed! They don’t want someone replicating them! are trying to get the European Patent Organisation to close loopholes in Europea patent law before Monsanto wins its suit in the States.

Please sign if you wish. The spectre of Monsanto and pals hovering above our food has been bothering me for some time.

This article explains the position on the effectiveness of online petitions. My position is that if enough people say ‘no’ to the monsters that are trying to commercialise our very existence, maybe something positive will happen.