Press This: For the Love of Money –; and a minor rant about fracking

This is compelling reading. For the Love of Money – Compelling for me, because the money thing baffles me. I have never understood the perpetual grasping for money that seems to accompany the lives of people who have enough of it already.

Charles Eisenstein, whose book, Sacred Economics, I am currently reading, touched on it – that the scarcity of something is important. Something that is perceived to be scarce is coveted and demanded. Scarcity helps to commercialise things, to create commodity. But he also says that money crossed over, long ago, from commodity to a more abstract system.

Sam Polk’s explanation of a very real addiction plays a little to my understanding. The comparisons it makes with heroin addicts connects with me. Not because I have ever been one, but I have met one or two lost souls on my journey.

I keep thinking about the government-backed fracking disaster that is in the process of being created in the UK at present. I am sure fracking is merely a money-making scheme for Dave C and his cronies; a get-rich-quick-fix so that he and they can bow out rich and still young.

Our world has at least two generations that have grown up understanding climate change to be fact. Generations X and Y. We know that fossil fuels, no matter which ones they use, are running out. There isn’t much left.

So they’ve found a way of squeezing the last bits of stored natural gas left in the ground. That doesn’t mean it’s the UK’s future of energy production, Dave, no matter how many times you say it. It means it’s the last vestiges of it. You’re squeezing gas from rocks. A chemical blood from a stone.

Why does he keep on saying it? He’s speaking to people who know for scientific sure that he’s wrong. Why doesn’t he just come out and say it?

“Hi, my name is Dave. And I’m a wealth addict.”