Annalisa M Dahlen Presents: Ginger. It does a body good.

It seems everyone in my life has some sort of plague.  You know; cough, sore throat, general malaise.  Hopefully it won’t turn into a Zombie Apocalypse.  However, if it does, you’ll have some tasty ginger to munch on to stave off the craving for brains.

I found this recipe on the Food Network and boy does it provide some zing in your life!

Crystalized Ginger

Gather the following;

1 lb / 500g ginger root
A couple of cooling racks
Wax paper, newspaper, something to put under the racks when the ginger cools (you don’t want this mess on your table or counter top)
4 quart saucepan
Nonstick spray
5 cups / 1.2L water
1 lb / 500g granulated sugar (approximately)
Wooden spoon (my preference, you could use plastic, but know I’ll be silently judging you from afar)

  1.  Peel the ginger, and slice into 1/8” or 2mm slices.  To make this a quicker process, after peeling the ginger hold it carefully and slice it on a mandolin blade.  This will make short work of the process and get you fairly uniform sized pieces.  Cut them in half if you want smaller bits of ginger
  2. Place the ginger into the 4 quart sauce pan with the 5 cups of water on medium heat.  Cover and cook for about 35 minutes (ginger will be tender)gingerinsyrup
  3. Drain the ginger in a colander and RETAIN ¼ cup / 60ml of the cooking liquid (Note:  very important step). drainedginger
  4. Weigh ginger
  5. Measure out equal amount of sugar
  6. Return ginger and retained water into pan and add the sugar over medium-high heat
  7. Stir frequently
  8. Reduce heat to medium and cook, stirring frequently
  9. You – STIR FREQUENTLY!  That’s it.  Your arm may feel like it’s falling off after awhile.  Don’t worry.   This is perfectly natural
  10. After a bit the ginger and simple syrup (sugar and water combo) will start to evaporate and crystalize – yes, SCIENCE!  This process takes about 20 minutes
  11. When the ginger looks dry and crystalized, remove from heat and transfer ginger to the cooling racks (that have some sort of mess catcher under them)
  12. Separate the chunks out and let it dry
  13. Once completely cool you can store in an airtight container for about two weeks
  14. Save the ginger sugar pieces below the drying ginger for coffee, sprinkle on ice cream or homemade ginger snap cookies, add to cottage cheese, over fruit, whatever.  It’s delicious!  You can even make your own ginger ale out of the left over sprinkles.  Google it! ginger3


I’ve loved writing this blog for the past month.  I will be stepping down to a once a month guest position for the month of February at the least.  I hope this recipe has met you well, and you enjoy making it.

Soulsubsistence note: Annalisa isn’t so much ‘stepping down’ … more just finding that life has to take a front seat sometimes. Busy lady! We have been lucky to get so much attention from her. She’ll hopefully be back with us a little more in March time, but the compromise is that she keeps giving us snippets of recipes at least once a month 🙂