Serious soup; chunky veggie stew

Soup is generally the last item I feel like eating, but I do like making it. Often inspired by flavoursome veggies, I stick to small amounts – no more than 1.5L – and feed them to Himself who loves soup.

But I do make quite good ones (says she). At least, I like them. I’m fussy about soup. Personal preference on texture and thickness of the liquid has been a source of contention between Himself and me, and these days I make them ‘with body’ and usually blended as requested, although I like them thinner, with lots of texture.

Having spent several weeks eating the wrong kind of food, and pretty much the same today, I knew I felt like eating something for tea that wouldn’t pile on the calories. As I was shopping, I came up with minestrone soup. Couldn’t remember what went into it, so grabbed whatever root veg and squashes were hanging around and came up with this  quite excellent stew.

It isn’t minestrone – no paprika, no potatoes, and a variety of vegetables you don’t get in minestrone, but it’s far better than soup anyway.

veggie stew

Chunky Veggie Stew

Chop chunkily 4 small onions, 1 peeled carrot, 3 cloves peeled, grated garlic and saute in about 2 tblsp EVOO.

Chop about one-third butternut squash, 1 peeled parsnip  and add to the mix. Cook for a couple minutes.

Add 2-3 tblsps tomato puree, 1tbsp paprika, or smoked paprika, or cajun spice mix and fry for 1 minute. Add a can chopped tomatoes, 1 can drained cannelini beans, and about 1.5L stock.  I used two bouillon cubes.

Break up a bit of long pasta – I had some curly stuff left over from about 3 years ago (!) – and throw that in. Give everything a stir, and set it on a low heat or a slow cooker. It’s cooked when everything’s soft. Especially the carrot. Just saying. Just before serving, add a couple handfuls of frozen peas.

Best eaten with some cheese on toast – in this case, Mexicana cheese, the one with chillies and cumin.