Annalisa M Dahlen presents: It’s for the birds … Peanut butter and seed pinecones!

Having tried to tell us that she was leaving us a little, Annalisa has so far failed unutterably. Everything foody that she sees, she says she is doing for the blog! Hooray!


Snow.  It’s happening.  As I type we’re being covered with a blanket of white powder.  We used to get so much snow here in Washington State when I was a kid.  I remember having to get up 2 hours earlier before school so I could go bust up livestock water tanks with an axe (I can’t lie, it was cool to chop that ice up).  Afterwards I’d take off my gloves and put them on my mare’s ears while I held the other horse’s ears in my hands.  You could tell it felt good, they’d just let their heads down every morning as if to indicate, “human, let’s do this!”   The snow has really tapered off in the past 15-20 years.  Maybe we’ll get one major storm every 3-4 years.  Well, today was the day for “SNOWPOCALYPSE 2014”.   There is about six inches of snow on the ground and it’s steadily gaining.

With this snow, I remembered my time in Camp Fire when I was a young girl.  Camp Fire is similar to Girl Scouts except the goods we sold were not lame cookies.  I kid, I kid!  Or do I…..  anyhoo, I remembered when we made bird feeders during a meeting.  It was messy and fun.  I decided to make them again tonight.

 Peanut butter and bird seed pinecones

Gather the following:

1 large high sided tray (I used a aluminum tray from the dollar store)
5# bird seed (get the stuff your local birds love)
1 jar Peanut Butter Creamy 2lb
12 pine cones
1 small roll wire
1 pair disposable gloves
(this gets messy)

  1. **Place pinecones in the tray.  Keep other items close at hand.** seed 1
  1. Wrap the wire around the anchor cone a few times then twist securely seed 3
  2. Select next pinecone and wrap wire around two to three times, then continue until you have six cones hangingseed 2
  3. Loop some wire back and secure so you have a loop to hang on a stand or garden trellis hangy thingie
  4. Repeat #1-#3 again. seed 2
  5. You should now have TWO strands of six pinecones
  6. Put on the gloves.  You could skip this step but if you plan on trying to open anything with a handle or a lid soon you’ll be sadly disappointed.  The peanut butter oils will vex your every effort.
  7. Open the jar of creamy peanut butter
  8. Dig your fingers into the peanut butter and get a huge glob
  9. Keeping pinecones in the tray, apply glob to pinecones until pinecones are covered.  No need to be perfect.  Just coat it, don’t need to saturate : seed 4
  10. Again, keeping things contained in the tray, pour bird seed onto the peanut butter coated pinecones.  Be generous: seed 5
  11. Hang your handy work outside for the birdies
  1. seed 6

As the song goes, “Be kind to your fine, feathered friends.  For that bird may be somebody’s mother”.

Have fun!