Spinach and Ricotta Awesomeness

In the first of tonight’s double-whammy …. Spinach and ricotta makes a headline appearance, largely due to its prevalence in my kitchen at the present time.

The reason for that, is this:sunny spinach pie

No, it didn’t turn out well, and no I’m not going to show you what happened. However, I have a great recipe for the spinach and ricotta filling, and what is particularly fabuloso about it is how versatile it is!

Okay, well at least, there are three different recipes (pie, canneloni, quiche) you can use it in, so that counts as versatile in my world!

Spinach & Ricotta yumminess!

Saute a chopped onion and a heap of garlic, add a bag of washed spinach and wilt down (lid on). Grate in a load of nutmeg and some black pepper. Salt.

When the spinach is nice n wilted, drain as much of the liquid out (down the sink) as possible (read: without dropping the mixture down the sink too), take a stick blender, or a food processor, and process/blend till it’s a bit more sloppity.

Add a tub of ricotta. More if necessary. I added half a tub of cream cheese as well as the ricotta and half a pack of feta cheese that had been hanging around for too long. Fold in the cheeses (off the heat), so that the green and white is evenly combined.

Now use it. In the pie above if you like. There’s nothing wrong with the recipe in the pictures, I’m quite sure, I merely demonstrated a total fail as far as a) following instructions and b) checking the recipe while making the product was concerned. Hopefully I will learn. Hopefully.