Make non-dairy, non-sugar, totally instant ice cream. Like, right now.

So I’m editing. So that means I’m procrastinating. Two pages in, I’m craving sugar, but I’ve recently decided to cut my sugar intake down, so there’s nothing in the house to fulfil me. I remembered seeing an Aussie video on Facebook (yup, more evidence of procrastination) that demonstrated this ‘non-sugar, non-dairy gelato’.

As an experiment, this one’s a keeper! It actually works.

coconut milk ice cream

It isn’t ice cream how many Brits may think of it: so rock solid that you have to let it stand for 30 minutes out of the freezer. Instead, it’s soft, pliable, slightly melted fruity yum, and it’s just what I needed tonight!

Non-dairy, non-sugar, totally instant ice cream

Take 1 can of coconut milk, and stir it up. I used a small whisk to make sure the water and cream were thoroughly mixed.

In a deepish bowl – I used a measuring jug – put a couple of handfuls of frozen fruit, straight out of the freezer. Any kind you like. This pink glory is summer fruits.

Glop about 3 tbsps coconut milk onto the fruit and take a stick blender to it (on turbo!)

Almost immediately, it goes thick. Add a little more coconut milk and another handful of berries if you want a little more on your dish.

That’s it.

I don’t expect it to freeze well, but I’ve now eaten half of it and the rest is in the freezer to see what happens to it. It’s refreshing and fruity, and the flavours really hit the palate with a punch, so the whole thing gets a big recommendation from me!

3 thoughts on “Make non-dairy, non-sugar, totally instant ice cream. Like, right now.

  1. I’ll try that tonight. I usually make mine with custard and frozen fruit, works the same, freezes as it blends but really creamy and smooth. I use mango or pineapple with either home made custard or for a luxury ice cream I use french vanilla custard ( tesco’s finest ) give it a go. 🙂

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