Savoury Bread Pudding topped with pancetta: Summer tastes in a new jacket

Summer’s gluts of courgettes (zucchini), tomatoes, and herbs deserve a new way to cook, and we’re not talking about messy barbecues here! Instead of a smoky bombshell why not try out a light and delicious bread pudding with a spoonful of tomato, olive and onion salad on the side?

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Tragedy abounds: the blackbird saga

Even on a summer’s night, terrible things can happen. And what I notice is that even though there’s no one really to blame, you somehow feel accountable, even making up reasons why you are, and believing them.

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#100happydays …; or I will get there eventually!

Okay, so there’s this thing: 100happydays, where you upload a photo for 100 consecutive days; photographic evidence of a moment of happiness every day. It’s a lovely, positive idea, and I leapt into it with huge enthusiasm, but forgot to count my days for the first week or so.

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