#100happydays …; or I will get there eventually!

Okay, so there’s this thing: 100happydays, where you upload a photo for 100 consecutive days; photographic evidence of a moment of happiness every day. It’s a lovely, positive idea, and I leapt into it with huge enthusiasm, but forgot to count my days for the first week or so.

So I guessed where I might be and continued, not always remembering to take a picture (or perhaps to notice happiness …?!). I note that someone else I know who started it on the same day as me is on day 70 already! I think I’m still at 28 *sigh*

I’m always late, in everything I do. Ask anyone who knows me.

I get there eventually.

Here’s a bunch of my happy moments. There are distinct themes, I feel …

oak ... probably
A mega oak (I think, forgot to check) at Wharton Hall, Kirkby Stephen


chicken legs

Chicken legs, also known as the puppy’s celebration that you’re home

Inquisitive cows one evening in Orton
This is the goodest she’s ever been. Ever.
hot dog
One hot dog (flopped out with chicken legs)
Making dip candles, beautiful blue wax; turned out really well too.
wild flowers
Wildflowers – they have been in abundance in Cumbria this year.
not so hot dog
Not so hot dog, in pool on Dead Bunny Fell.
The best yorkshire puds I ever made. Ever.
The best yorkshire puds I ever made. Ever.
Happiness is … getting your clothes dried the easy way, while reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.



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  1. Kids wanted to know what I was doing in your last pic ? they didn’t believe me when I said it was you ! ( poor you 🙂 ) xxxx

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