PRESS THIS: Food companies marketing ‘unhealthy’ foods to children

coco-pops-crunchersFood companies marketing ‘unhealthy’ foods to children, says study | World news |

This is an article that discusses food advertising regulations in Australia.

The problem (that regulation is supposed to deal with) is that Australian food companies are allowed to determine their own nutritional criteria when advertising foods. So those food companies said that a whole bunch of foods (think Kellogg’s CoCo Pops as per the picture in the original article) are healthy enough to still be marketed to children. Despite high fat, high sugar and additive components.

The problem (that only education and doing it can deal with) is that the population is naive about what goes into the food they eat. It isn’t kids buying the breakfast cereal. We’re sitting ducks for fallacy and BS if we don’t understand what we eat.

The scientific-looking ‘nutritional information’ on the side of every mass-produced product is hugely useful … if you know what you’re reading.

But for someone who doesn’t know the difference between carbs and fats and protein, the information won’t even be interesting. If they don’t understand that 7.9 g fat in 100 g means the item is nearly 8% fat, it doesn’t matter what is written there.

That’s why some supermarkets here have introduced the traffic light system, but where the system is self-regulated by said supermarkets and food companies, consumers are sitting ducks unless they can understand the basic information themselves, without interpretation.