Broad beans with chewing gum cheese! Seasonal delights from Growing Well, Sizergh

Okay, so the chewing gum cheese isn’t from Growing Well – it was all my own invention with the help of a pack of halloumi and my eyes being bigger than my frying pan – but almost everything else was.

Broad beans and chewing gum cheese

We’ve had loads of broad beans from the cropshare over the past few weeks, and because they’re so fresh, they’re amazing, and mainly bright green – even the skins. Because they’re so large I decided this time to skin them. It’s laborious and you burn your fingers a lot, but is worthwhile labour because it sweetens the dish. You remove the pervasive bitter flavour of the skins.

Broad beans and chewing gum cheese

You need:

A load of skinned broad beans
A courgette – mine was yellow
Half an onion
As much garlic as you think you can handle
A stick of celery
A handful of just-podded peas
Quarter of a pack of halloumi cheese

1. Chop everything roughly (except the beans) and saute everything, starting with the onion and celery. Put the courgette in last before the beans because it cooks quickest. Add salt as needed.

2. Add the beans and whaz everything around for a while, till it’s all heated through (beans) and / or cooked to how you like it.

3. Cut up the halloumi into smallish pieces, and place in a preheated dry frying pan. If you’re smart and you don’t put too many in, you’ll get beautifully browned and crispy pieces of chewy halloumi. If you fill the pan with cheese because you’re greedy and hungry, you’ll find it partially steams, so it gets chewy without the crispy. Guess which camp I fall into.

4. Mix the cheese with the beans and eat immediately.