Time for an attitude adjustment

It seems that since I started the year on a philosophical/pseudo-spiritual note, I’m now destined to continue it! So, sorry for the lack of tasty food (and below is a picture to remind you what Soulsubsistence ought to look like), but here’s the latest revelation.

Bloody brilliant fast mushroom risotto too .. pressure cookers are the way forward!

Bloody brilliant fast mushroom risotto too .. pressure cookers are the way forward!

Some background

I live in a pretty disorganised state of affairs at the best of times. And it’s come to my notice rather urgently that this and a number of habits I have (you can include going to bed too late and being sluggish until about 2pm) need shooting out of the water. Like right now.

I solve these issues, I basically get the key to the city of my life.

The solution probably seems obvious to you, but it’s taken me a few desperate years to figure it out.

Part of the difficulty is that I’m pretty highly strung, and the calm and peaceful place often seems to be bolted and locked against me. It makes changing an entire lifestyle (ingrained over several years) a pretty tricky prospect. Things as simple and horrific as how I quit smoking last year, and now I have to quit again. Tomorrow (Saturday).

Hopefully that’s where meditation comes in, and also Emotional Freedom Tapping which sounds (and looks!) ridiculous, but is a brilliant way to combat negative emotions by somehow going to the seat of the issue. The fact I’m sitting in a room, hitting myself on the head and face hardly seems weird at all if I consider some of the hoohah in the last year, so I’m okay with it as a sort of therapy!

Calm and peaceful is the way forward!

The News

From tomorrow, I give you the new Sakina. Except it isn’t a new one, it’s just letting in a part of me that’s been hiding since I was 18. There might be more blog posts as a result.

Organisation is the new goal (because it forms the net of your life), but the rewards will be healthy food, working on more craft type projects, watching some movies, and reading dozens more books. And maybe I’ll write one of my own this year too.

What a goody-two-shoes, you’re thinking … (or worse).

2 thoughts on “Time for an attitude adjustment

  1. Good luck with the new you. Organisation is key. Systems like a daily routine and making lists help.

    1. Thanks so much for reading and encouraging, Heather, this is hard stuff for someone with disorganisation so ingrained! And I’m a listmaker!!!!! Go figure! Was always fine when working for other people! Self-discipline (but not too much to put myself off) may be the key 🙂

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