Juicing queen!

Oh yes, I’m a lucky lass indeed! My brother gave me a juicer for my birthday, and of course, I’m duty-bound to share with you my disasters and my triumphs!

pear ginger and broccoli juice 1

There have been some big changes this year in Soulsubsistence Land, and one of those changes has been the rise of IBS. I suspected I had it for a while, but when it finally hit me properly, it changed the way I view food.

I don’t enjoy food being the enemy, so I constantly keep my eye out for ways in which I can improve the situation. Unfortunately, what I have found is that the only solution to IBS seems to be eating less. This is very sad for someone who was always a comfort eater. I constantly misjudge how much I can eat, and the result of this is a great deal of discomfort for many hours. *sad face*.

However, there’s a silver lining in every cloud, and at least I’m now approximately the same weight I was at age 12! Fear not, I was never exactly a skinny kid, but to me, 9 st 6 lb is the greatest thing to come out of IBS!

The juicing idea came from the fact that I know I should eat; I know I want to eat; but I don’t want the pain. Or the trapped wind. Or anything else in the bowel region.

I figured, if I can take the nutrients from super-fresh vegetables and at least get those down me, I will be able to offset at least some of the symptoms of IBS without letting my immune system drop me in it.

So, the latest efforts have been:

1. Broccoli, apple, and spinach juice.
Half a head of broccoli, 3 x braeburn apples, and most of a bag of spinach. Add to ice.

This one gave me a buzz similar to the happy high you get if you drink Diet Coke fast through a straw, and with enough apples, it didn’t taste too much like broccoli. Brassicas can be a bit difficult to palate, but apple seems to smooth everything off, so sweetly.

A bonus for this one was that I scooped out some of the mix, razzed it up with some self-raising flour and a bit of oil, and a lot of grated cheese, and it made superb cheese and broccoli scones! Who knew?!

2. Pear, ginger, and broccoli.
7 conference pears, too much ginger (less is more), and the other half head of broccoli. More ice.

pear ginger and broccoli juice 3This one, I have to admit, wasn’t the best to begin with. There was a lot of funky stuff that seemed to be suspended in the juice. You can see it in the image. However, I poured it through a jelly bag (fine mesh bag for making jam jellies) and improved it exponentially. It also produced a lot of juice, which was a good thing.


3. Grapefruit and orange juice.
2 ruby grapefruits and 2 oranges, all peeled.

This one obviously produced the most juice; you’d expect that. However, it also needed a filter for the funky stuff. Without the filter it was a bit thick in the mouth, if that makes any sense.

The weirdest thing I’m finding is that every effort produces a weird froth on top that doesn’t disappear over time, although I suspect that stirring may help.

pear ginger and broccoli juice 2If you’ve got any great ideas for combinations, please let me know! The battle against IBS continues!