Super-fast, super-slimming chickpea soup

Soup is a total lifesaver when you can’t be bothered to really cook.

It’s one of the easiest meals to make and usually seems to keep hunger at bay for longer than most others, although I’m not sure there’s any science behind my claim.

Since getting anything more than a few mouthfuls into my belly at any one time is proving to be tricky at present, I figured a soup similar to the sort of thing my mother used to make (before she became a hill farmer and had seasons and stuff) might be light enough to take. Stock and things soup.

Out came the chickpeas, and a mad chipotle rub (foodstuff, not hot sex) and … tah-dah.

chickpea soup in a cup

Although it’s taking me longer than I planned to get through a litre of soup (on the 3rd day today), it’s lovely, and I can report, it gets better with time. As most soups do, for some reason.

I give you …. chipotle chickpea soup.

Chipotle chickpea soup

A couple of small onions
A piece of stray celery lurking at the back of the fridge1 tin of chickpeas
1-3 cloves of garlic, chopped or grated or whatever.
2 Kallo chicken stock cubes (use veggie or whatever your favourite brand is. Kallo is the best you can get in deepest, darkest North Cumbria IMO).
1 litre water (should be boiled, but I didn’t bother).
Bart Chipotle RubAbout 1.5  Tbsps chipotle rub.
Half a ‘serving’ of cheap Chinese-stlyle dried noodles, crushed up.

1. Get your slow cooker out. Pile everything in, and cook for at least 2 hours.


Okay, I realise most of the world probably doesn’t have a slow cooker, so here’s the long version, although don’t be put off, it’s still mega easy.

1. Chop the onion, celery and garlic and saute in Extra Virgin Olive Oil (fondly known as EVOO).  You need a biggish pan for this, like the size of something you’d cook pasta in.

2. When everything’s soft, throw in the well-rinsed chickpeas, and sprinkle the stock cubes into the mix (or better still, use Real Chicken Stock wot u made).

3. Scatter in the chipotle rub powder. I threw in what I thought was too much, but it wasn’t very hot.

4. Quickly pour in a litre of water before you burn the spices, and stir briefly.

5. Crunch up the noodles over the soup pan and drop into the stock.

6. Cover and cook on a low low heat for ages and ages. I made mine at about 2.00 pm one afternoon. When Floss and I came home from our walk at about 4.30 pm, the heady, smoky smell of cumin, garlic and soupness had drifted all the way to the front door.

chickpea soup close upI’ve been serving it up in these dinky glass mugs that someone gave me for free. I like seeing where the chickpeas are! Small things! (I think that black bit is probably a bit of burnt garlic. I’m not a careful cook, it has to be said).

Oh, and a serious amount of scissored coriander leaf would have been a front-runner if I could keep a coriander plant alive for more than 7 minutes.