Sakina’s Premium Cheese Straws

I’ve written about cheese straws before but by special request, here they are, with almost a step-by-step of photos. And these ones are truly premium, made with just three ingredients and water. And electricity. Electricity helps 🙂

cheese straws 1

The only rule is that you’re not allowed to make only cheese straws. Little pickers need bigger knickers! The way I was brought up, the only excuse for making ’em is when you’ve got a little bit of pastry left over 🙂

Unfortunately what happened today was that having made a feast of breadies to use up a butternut curry, two bacon and egg pies for bartering purposes, and a cake and a chicken stew to feed the hungry hedge-hackers tomorrow (my laurel bush is having a serious five-foot trim), I was so hungry that the cheese straws didn’t last longer than 30 minutes. Managed to put myself off my dinner, like a kid.

Here they are:

The finest cheese straws ever

Pastry in this house is made of:

An amount of plain / all purpose flour (8oz to make a 10 inch pie with a pastry lid)
Butter that weighs half that of the flour (so 4 oz for said pie)
Cold water

For cheese straws:


Variations include marmite straws, cheese n ham straws, and cheese with tasty chutneys. The world’s your cheese straw oyster, really.

1. Take your little bit of left-over pastry, and roll it till it’s thin.

cheese straws 11

Doesn’t matter what shape, but best if it’s close to a rectangle. You’ll need plenty of flour under and over it, otherwise it sticks, breaks, and you might as well start again. Try not to handle it too much; pastry likes to be nice and cool.


2. Grate cheese on it.

3. Fold the pastry in half and roll it again till it’s thin.

4. Grate cheese on half of it. cheese straws 10






5. Fold the naked half over the cheesy half and roll it again.cheese straws 9






6. Make 1 cm slices (doesn’t matter if they’re wider) on the diagonal and brush with egg wash or milk.cheese straws 4






7. As you place each straw onto the baking tray, twist ’em once or twice. If they try to unravel on the tray, just gently press the ends down on its surface.cheese straws 3






8. Bake on 200 deg C or Gas Mark 4 or 400 deg F till they’re a burnished brown, with dark orange bits of melted cheese.cheese straws 2

Because you’ve folded the pastry so many times, it will rise like puff pastry, and even if you handle it too much (makes it warm = not good) at worst it will be flaky.

NB. Do the cheese + folding + rolling bit as many times as you like, but still try not to handle the pastry too much.