Potato croquettes a la disaster!

Some days it feels like you took your eye off the ball, and I think today was one of those. I’ve been swamped in writing work, including a regular project that needs educational diagrams in addition to the writing. Today my head was mashed.

So appropriately I did the only sensible thing. Got out the mash to do something cool with it. Only now I’m talking about yesterday’s leftover potato mash.

Apart from reheat it in the microwave, make Irish potato cakes, or turn it into Calde Verde, how can you make cold mashed spud appetising?


That’s what.

Cheesy potato croquettes wrapped in oats,

to be exact.

Golf-ball-sized globules of smooth mashed King Edwards, with a sweet potato chucked in for sweetness. Thoroughly mixed with a decent quantity of extra mature cheddar. Rolled in flour, then egged, then rolled in oats and placed on an oiled baking tray. I shaped mine rectangular and was laughed at for it. What’s wrong with cuboidish croquettes?

Croquettes 1

They look good, innit?! Baked at 200 deg C for about 35 minutes.  Opened the oven door to this:

Croquettes 2Not looking so good, huh?

I have to say, they tasted really good,  but I think there may have been too much cheese for structural stability. The one at the top right of the tray had been egged and oated twice, and it definitely held up better than the others, but even that one had collapsed a little.

Lesson to learn? Probably cheese doesn’t go with everything.