My latest baby: a handy guide for anyone who wants to sell crafts online.

The last 3 months has been spent writing, designing, and twiddling with my newest book idea. The result? 4 STEPS TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR CRAFTERS. I have to write it in capital letters to make it stand out. Let me know if that gets annoying.

Take a little look for yourself if you please:

4stepstosakinafrontfinalBack cover of 4 STEPS TO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING FOR CRAFTERS

Cover courtesy of the talented  Monique Snyman, of Muti-Nation fame.

The writing

Once I’d planned the structure, the words just tripped out of my fingers. Because I’ve sold – and still sell – crafting products online myself, it was easy to remember the things I thought were most important when I did them.

I listened to what other people said about using social media for marketing. One woman said Facebook promotions had cost her a huge and unexpected amount of money. In response to that, I included step-by-step details with screenshots, and throughout that section of the book I urge readers to check and double check dates and money and to be sure they are happy with what they’ve chosen. Experience has taught me to stop and look and check, and I wanted to share all the things I’ve learned in a really useful way.

I figured my audience might be used to step-by-step project books, so thought the best way forward would be to produce a print book with an ebook option and go from there.

The design

Now, I’m no designer, that’s for sure. I have a more ‘splattergun’ approach to creativity. So I’m extremely proud of the results of my understated design!

Inside, it’s laid out mainly in two columns with plenty of white space and few distractions, other than the odd callout box. This is to make it easier to read. The text line distance is more or less what is known as the Golden Ratio for type.



You know how sometimes you read a book and you get to the end of a line and accidentally re-read the same line? Apparently, that happens when the gap between the lines (the line distance) is too small for the length of the line. The Golden Ratio sorts that right out.

The callout boxes are to emphasise important points to remember, and the splash motif (with occasional lovely multicoloured-but-muted giant splashboxes) is because my creativity is wedged firmly in the AK47 PAINTBALL ARENA. Muted, tasteful, and unobtrusive is not normally my style!

Think I did okay?

The publishing

Self-publishing has to be one of the most self-satisfying things a writer can do. Whether you do it through a local press and buy 150 copies to sell, or you take on the contracts of an online monster like CreateSpace (Amazon, of course), taking a project from idea through writing and design, through to seeing and holding a print proof …

I’m proud and pleased and frankly, glad it’s over. I’ve never worked so hard outside my comfort zone.

Except that it’s not over. See, this is a book about marketing. So I better take my own advice and go tell people about it!

Pre-order the ebook right now, or wait for 1st November 2016 to get your copy of the paperback.