Cheese, leek and potato pies and pasties

Even the fussiest veggies will resign themselves to a shitty cheese and onion pasty from anywhere. Well, for years I’ve searched for the perfect cheese and onion pasty filling, and today, having paid almost £2 for a fairly substandard effort from a chain bakery, I finally cracked.

Here’s my version of an almost entirely homemade cheese, leek and potato pie and pasty …

The only bit that isn’t homemade is the pastry and while I know I’ll regret that when eating them, I haven’t got the spoons to make my own pastry, following a day of unsuccessful peopling. No-one is judging you. You want a pastry recipe, you can find it here. To make it puff pastry, use white flour and fold it and roll it a few times.

Cheese, leek and potato pie or pasties

  • Puff pastry block
  • 2 large new potatoes or 1 normal one
  • 100-150g cheese
  • 1-2oz / 25-50g butter
  • 1oz plain flour
  • About 200-250ml milk (half a pint, almost)
  • 1 thin leek, well washed
  • 1 egg, beaten, with a splash of water (egg wash)

Dice your potatoes into tiny pieces (a bit smaller than 1cm dice), rinse and boil till cooked.

Chop your leek into tiny pieces and saute in the butter until soft.

Take off the heat and sprinkle the flour onto the leeks. Mix in well, stir like your life depends on it, and add a few splashes of milk. It will thicken. Splash in more milk and make it liquidy quite quickly. Keep stirring until it is smooth. If you stop stirring it will go lumpy, and if you are too tentative with the milk, it will go lumpy. Sensing a theme here? You want smooth. (Well, apart from the leeks, that is).

Pop back on the heat (medium heat) and stir till it begins to bubble and thicken.

Grate in your cheese. Stir more.

Add your cooked potatoes. Stir more.

Taste. Add salt as required. Remember to boil it briefly every time you add a bit of salt, before tasting again.

You should have a nice thick cheesy leek and potato sauce. If it isn’t cheesy enough, grate in more.

Pre-heat oven on 200C or 400F or gas mark 6.

Roll out your pastry and either line a couple of small pie dishes with it, or make rounds or squares for pasties.

Add filling (see image for pie filling quantities). Best way to ensure it is sealed is to paint the edges of the pie pastry with egg wash. Be generous.

When adding filling to pasties, remember less is more. If it squeezes out when you squash down the edges, the pie will splurge during cooking. Paint the edges with egg wash, fold over the pastry, and press down firmly.

Strike a couple of holes in the centre area of each item with a knife, and pop in the oven for about 20-30 mins.


The images are terrible, but, frankly, after the day I’ve had, I’m not going to be making any healthy sides to go with them! (EDIT: okay, i lied and added the tomato)



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