Slow cooker rice pudding: simple, as rich as you like it and tasty a f

The rice pudding of your dreams

Rice pudding: the stuff of childhood. But there are a couple of different ‘usual’ ways to make it. The easiest way to date has been to throw it in the oven. Thing is, I don’t care for it as much that way, especially since the last one I made boiled over and made an unholy mess. The other way is to make it on the hob. If you’ve got the patience, that makes a creamy, delicious pudding similar to the stuff you get in a tin, but with a better (less tinny) flavour.

I don’t have that patience. But I do have a slow cooker.

The lactose intolerant can swap out the milk for coconut milk, almond milk, or anything really.

Slow cooker rice pudding

  • 90g pudding rice
  • 500 ml milk (or coconut milk, or any kind of milk really)
  • 1-2 tablespoons sugar (up to you)
  • a dollop of butter (just sits on top anyway, is probably totally unnecessary)
  • 8 cardamoms / a stick of cinnamon (optional)
  • Jam or fruit of your choice (or both) (optional)

1. Chuck everything except the jam/fruit into the slow cooker.

2. Switch it on.

3. Check it after about 1.5 hours. Maybe 2. It needs to be soft, succulent, and to have sucked up most of the milk.


And yes, that is homemade blackcurrant jam. Blackcurrants (and strawberries) courtesy of David at the Carleton Farm Food Shop (yes, I’m still banging on about how great that place is!) But any jam will do.