Vegan nut slice

Yep, you read that right. I may not be a proponent of vegan ideology, but I created something amazing, and it happens to be entirely free of animal products.

This ‘nut slice’ is great warmed through with chips and slaw, or works as a roast substitute, with roast spuds, leek sauce, and steamed veg. And gravy (of some kind). It freezes amazingly well, and can be warmed through from frozen in just 20 minutes! In fact, it’s best to freeze the batch as soon as you’ve eaten your first portion. If you reheat it without freezing it first, you risk it drying out.

With tomato, avocado, onion and caper salad

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Ditch supermarkets and help the environment, the new old-fashioned way to change your lifestyle

Supermarkets are the epitome of capitalism, institutionalising consumers, pushing prices down to the detriment of small producers, reducing quality, stifling innovation … the list of crimes against food culture is endless. (See my blog a couple of years ago on what the supermarket model has done to book publishing.)

But consumers need convenience, not just lower prices and wider choice.

We now know there’s a climate emergency taking place. We’re picking over the bones of humanity’s legacy, and even the most optimistic scientific projections show that we aren’t going to save the planet without some serious lifestyle changes. Wholesale. Literally, everyone in the West. Right now. Or by 2050, we could be looking at a world where only pockets of rich people have survived. And no, this isn’t hyperbole.

So, how do you make a lifestyle change without it getting in the way of your actual life? I have an idea …

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