Life Experience

A picture tells a thousand words. If that was true, they would have already put writers out of business, but luckily, pictures tell only a number of very targeted words. They don’t tell why you, personally and specifically, took a picture of something.

Two snapshots to illustrate my life experience right now:

1. Real, physical life seems to be fixed at the centre of Camp, where there is no electricity, running water, or heating. Or internet.

However, there are lambs:

Nine of the pets are in this picture. Spot the lambs! Three bad (not bad at all, bless ’em) suffolk crosses in the foreground, (clockwise from the left) Spotty, the littlest, Big Lamb and Mid Lamb; Freckle (texel cross) in the stone trough on the hay, Bunny Ears, Baa Lamb and Fuzzy behind the long trough and Lamby (white texel at the back) and then in the long grass, you can just make out Smoky, a Swarble with a white flash on his head.

2. Being able to take a photo of my own, physical, paperback book!  It’s a lovely, solid, slightly bigger than normal paperback, with very white pages and has been bound very neatly.

Notice the copy of An Unfamiliar Murder by Jane Isaacs beneath it. A rocking story with some strongly visual characters, Unfamiliar kept me guessing right up till the last chapter, something you always want in a thriller! See my review here.