Legendary Cheese ‘n’ Onion Pie

This amazing recipe for Cheese Flan is remarkably relaxed about being bastardised. It takes to it really well. In this house it has not once been made true to the recipe, and every time it’s come out excellent. This is an epic pie.

Today’s effort happened because I forgot I already had a bag of spinach and bought another. I hoyed the green stuff into the mix and it worked. What’s left to say? Chop it roughly, that’s all.

Cheese flan - yummier than it looks.

Take some ready-made pastry (I stole some off my dad) and line a dish with three-quarters of it. Mine is round, I’m guessing 9″ diameter; the official size is 12″ x 9″, rectangular. Don’t trim it too well, you’ll need an edge. Don’t put it in the oven yet. It’s not a blind bake.

Get the oven on! 200 deg C or Gas Mark 6 (I don’t understand deg F except for weather).

Chop up an onion (or 2-3 littler ones) and get them boiling in a pan for five minutes. Grate about 8oz strong cheese into a bowl, (spinach went in now), and drain the onions well. Combine the lot, drop in an egg on the top of the mix and beat it a little before you stir it in.

Tip the doughy mix into the uncooked pastry shell and roll out the remaining lump of  pastry to about 3-4 mm thickness. Slice it in strips, about 1 cm width, and brush some milk around the edge of the pastry.

No brush? Just dribble it on with a teaspoon. It doesn’t matter if a little bit gets in the mixture.

Lay the strips of pastry over the pie in one direction. Paint milk across them and lay a few strips in the opposite direction, making a lattice. Paint those too. The milk helps everything stick better, and gives the pastry a bit of a glow after it’s cooked.

Sling it in the oven for 28 minutes. About half an hour, but I would check at 25.

Caution: this is a bloody good way to accidentally eat 8oz of cheese in one day.