Dressed for Sunday Dinner

Sunday dinner is usually an amalgamation of all the leftovers from the weekend (from Thursday night). Tonight’s was unhot Texas Beef Chilli, Meatballs in Italian style sauce, fresh salad, cauliflower & celery slaw and quinoa again. Magpie has been making an effort with a variety of vegetable dishes and salads, the principal aim being to entice Himself to eat more vegetables and grains. Bizarrely, tonight the caulislaw was a hit (see below for ‘recipe’. No pictures because it vanished out of the bowl in the first minute it was on the table.)

A great friend asked for the salad dressing formula, so also find that below. It’s only a formula. Everyone’s tastes are different. The only way to make salad dressing is through trial and error and remembering what worked and what didn’t. Magpie tends not to remember, which leads to inconsistent success with dressings, but the formula is simple.

A bowlful of the freshest florets you have cut yourself from a head of cauliflower (i.e. not ready cut in a bag).
Half an onion/a whole small onion, sliced thinly.
A handful of parsley, scissored into the bowl, stalks ‘n’ all.
A heaped tsp mayonnaise.
A medium pinch of salt (preferably Maldons, said the food snob).
Mix all of the above very well.

Salad Dressing
Take as small a jar (with a lid) as you can find.
Fill a third of it with whichever vinegar  you have (not malt). Cider and white wine vinegar are both traditional. Balsamic is also very good; it feels really extravagant using it in a dressing.
Fill the remaining two thirds of the jar with the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil that you can afford, but leave a little room for the other ingredients.
Drop a teaspoon of made mustard into the jar. Add a pinch of salt, a pinch of dried oregano and pop the lid on tightly.
Hold it away from yourself and shake rapidly. This will emulsify it and give it body.