Just Get On With It

Well, I don’t mind telling you that I suspect my get-up-and-go may well have got up and left without me this last week.

I’ve received useful information on what readers expect from an author’s blog … Like contact information, list of novels, that kind of thing.

I’ve a story to edit for an anthology, though I’m suddenly concerned that my grammar isn’t good enough(!) and am now harbouring thoughts of doing a post grad in grammar, or even literature.

And I’m all too aware that this next week will mainly be taken up with my day job, as I try to help my supervisor, who may well have worked every waking hour last week to compensate for the fact that I was out of action with a bad back.

I’m putting it all down at present to a mind which was addled with pain and pain killers, and a change to the mini pill which means my supply of the go-getter hormone estrogen has dried up.

Must get back on track asap. So …

First: geeses followed by sheepies, and the good company of himself.

Next: a new short story to write, with somewhere to send it.

Obviously, the other person’s short story to be edited, and everything to be sent back to the publisher.

It’s a good plan, right?

Also, I have a follow up blog to do from one about a week ago.

Yep, at least the ‘to-do’ list part of my brain is still working fine.

Off we go …