Is the End the Beginning is the End the Beginning is the End the Beginning is the End the Beginning …

As above; so below. Something to remember if you have a spiritual outlook.

It would appear that the world is in flux. Has it always been in constant flux, or does it go through phases? Is it worse now than ever, or is that just our perception because we don’t really – can’t ever really – know what it was like in the past?

If you’re a Positivist, you’re taking it that we’re about to come into a heroically different new world; one without money, war or abuse. Even, a new dimensional reality.  To some, the Earth herself is going to leave the ‘third dimension’ and enter the fifth. I guess there’s an article out there explaining why it doesn’t bother with the fourth, and what the benefits will be.

If you’re an anti-Positivist, of the Weberist variety, you’re maybe looking at the glorious media of terror, death and war and thinking that it’s obvious that Man is driving himself towards the end. The End.

If you’re a Pluralist, you’re taking each suggestion and conviction with an open mind and a large pinch of cerebral salt. One day it could be the end of the world, the next it could be a spiritual dimension. Perhaps the two are one and the same.

The personal experiences of some people I know are (to me) running patterns of immense pressure. Either too many things going on at once, or the intensity of one situation is causing overload.

So many others seem to be absolutely fine.  Or are they just better at hiding it?