Guns and Chums; an ideal world

I admit it. I recently stuck up a post on facebook which was designed to be provocative. Facebook is so much a putrified mess of sycophancy mixed with mud slinging, I wanted to invite an actual debate involving both sides of the Atlantic. I get a lot of American political debate through the Stateside crowd, but Brits rarely have enough interest to comment.

If there’s one thing that riles us all and thoroughly divides us, it’s comment on gun laws.

Being a bleeding heart Liberal *sigh*, I take the view that guns are bad. The deaths of the two policewomen in Greater Manchester this week has enabled the endless media debates about whether or not we should routinely arm our police to begin again, but to be honest, I was relieved when it didn’t take over in the usual way. (Remember I don’t have TV; it’s possible I’ve missed the re-run of that discussion).

I just couldn’t resist.

‘Guns solve nothing.’

My friends were incensed and all who commented (especially me) were stubborn in their views (some more loudly than others).

Tammy Maas is a fellow author at Rainstorm. She’s grown up in a gun-toting world, and passionately argues for the possession and carrying of guns. Normally I would argue till the sun blew up, but over the last year, through her blog, Tammy has taught me one really big thing:

Everyone has the right to their views. If they are following the rules, not discriminating against others because of their differences in opinion, they should be allowed to speak their minds without fear of retribution.

That’s what ‘democracy’ was supposed to bequeath us. I’m with Tammy.