Honesty is the best policy

Most of us are not mad-dog-crazy. Most of us are either ‘normal’ or ‘eccentric’. Most of us hope we are normal; the eccentric ones hope they (we) are eccentric. The scolding we give ourselves when we do something silly is usually disproportionate to the damage, even if it seems like a disaster at the time. In 50 years, none of it will matter. Next year it shouldn’t matter.

Whether it’s a dog-poo-on-shoe-and-hand-and-bag-and-coat situation; the many foot-shoved-in-mouth occurences; the accidental sarcasm to someone self-important, or tripping over tongue/kerb/bus step, just remember: none of it matters at all.

Laughter and positive intention are the most important things of all. Together they make people easy, funny, personable, likeable … all these are the same. If you can fall over and laugh first, cover your mouth in open horror, and reveal your inner child to the world, then kudos to you. The world needs honesty.