Cover reveal: ELEANOR by Johnny Worthen

This is my friend, Johnny. Johnny Worthen not looking too crazy today

He wrote a rocking thriller novel about a demon who was a man’s true love, BEATRYSEL and now he’s written something else about a girl who is, but isn’t.

ELEANOR is a young adult, paranormal novel, the first of a series of three, although I know it’s considered by the publisher to be a standalone in addition. So you don’t have to feel like you gotta read the rest of the series (although you will want to, I guarantee it).

This is the cover of his new book, ELEANOR and if it’s treated as sensitively as his last book, it’ll be top of my reading list when it comes out next year.

The Brand New Eleanor Cover

In the meantime, look out for BEATRYSEL in the bookshops. It’s in Amazon US and UK. I loved it.Beatrysel by Johnny Worthen. You better treat her with respect.