Stuff yer peppers

Stuffed peppers: very 70s, very veggie, very has been. But no… actually they can be good. And easy. None of this blanching business. Oh no.

It’s quite simple.

Fry up slivers of smoky bacon (2 rashers did it for me) with half a finely diced onion, and stir in a couple of handfuls of fresh breadcrumbs. Pepper. Add about 6 thick slices of lancashire/cheddar/both cheese, crumble/diced into the mixture and finally stir in a handful of parsley.

Halve a red/yellow/orange pepper and place in a reasonably tight baking dish cutside up so that you have two little bowls.

Chop up a tomato and half fill the pepper halves with the doings.

Clag on the breadcrumb mixture so that it domes over the top, pressing it down and then place in the preheated oven on 180 deg C for about 45 minutes until the peppers are soft (with the skin on they will retain their shape) and the filling is hot.

The tomato means that the meal is rather lighter than you would expect but don’t be fooled; one half was enough – both was too much!!!