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An attempted explanation for magic, and orbs, for skeptics (to rip apart); or, at risk of sounding like a loony …

I believe strongly in ghosts and magic, and Other Things and if I allow myself to feel The Fear, even bumps in the night can shake me. A good friend of mine used to ask me why it was that … Continue reading

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‘War in Heaven’ by Kyle Griffiths

I’ve just read the most earthshattering book. It isn’t everyone’s cup of tea – experienced proponents of the book’s ideology might say that those people weren’t ready for it, but I couldn’t possibly judge. I know what the book says … Continue reading

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Galactic Federation of Light; or, Overrun by Aliens!

For those who don’t know me that well, I won’t bore or terrify you by explaining in detail my ‘religion’. Suffice it to say, I don’t do the organised type anyway. However, I’m compelled to look into certain aspects of … Continue reading

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