Soul Salmon

Why is it, whenever I eat smoked or marinated salmon with smooth, cream cheese on a suitable vehicle of hedonism (Rivita, german rye bread, crust of fresh, steaming bread), by the time I remember to brag about it and show it off, there is nothing to show. Well, nothing but a few crumbs and a couple of sesame seeds (Rivita) tonight.

Totally recommended: Aldi’s Almare Pesto Marinated Salmon, a great product (well yeah, if it wasn’t farmed and foreign). Tastes great. A little bit of luxury for lunch, stopping me from stuffing on carb-based salad, last night’s leftovers or slices of cheese.

Fact of the Day: Lox

Today’s lesser known fact comes courtesy of Nikki Segnit and her “The Flavour Thesaurus”.

Although many might think that lox is just another name for smoked salmon, in fact lox is cured in brine, and is not smoked.

Lox was taken to North America with Russian and Eastern European immigrants (late 19th century) and at about the same time, cream cheese began its popularity, hence the archetypal Jewish-American classic bagel, cream cheese and lox. YUM.

Note in the picture, the additional glories of capers (a must-try with any oily fish) and the chopped egg in the background (reminiscent of scrambled egg with smoked salmon, or scone topped with smoked salmon and the perfect little poached egg).

Picture c/o Flickr User laurapagett