Why cereals are evil; or, why breakfast is the greatest meal ever

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love breakfast. But equally, they know how much I deplore and detest cereal. And I’m not discriminatory here, no breakfast cereal is acceptable, in my opinion.

Here’s why:

Popular breakfast cereals like cornflakes, all bran, bran flakes, weetabix, shredded wheat, wheatos, cheerios, special K, whatever, they’ve all been cooked to death before they even make it into the box. Every perfectly healthy-and-good-for-you grain has been pressure-cooked into oblivion, right from the start.

Then they’re flattened by an immense roller, and dropped off a conveyor belt ready for the oven. Then they’re oven-baked to that fabulous crunchiness that everyone loves so much (and everyone can’t wait to make soft with milk). When they come out of the oven, they have so little nutritional value that in order to be sold as ‘food’ they have to be sprayed with vitamins and minerals.

Who needs to eat food which has been processed to the point where it needs spraying with something to give it minimal nutritional value?!

No one, that’s who!

But breakfast is the best meal of the day … here’s why:

It sets your metabolism off, so that you get energy delivered before you run out. It tastes great if you choose the right things, and part of this is because the time between dinner and breakfast is the longest gap in 24 hours that you have between meals. And because … well … you can eat things like this:Perfect little poached eggs (one a double yolker) on fresh homemade scones with spinach