Chocolate Truffles Part 1 – “NO! Don’t do it!”

Uh oh. I’m half way through making like a chocolate factory, and the situation is tense. Whose idea was it to give homemade chocolates as gifts? I would never be so stupid!

unset ganache, glossy ad perfect ... if you want to ice a cakeThe kitchen has a liberal coating of dark chocolate drips. A silicone mini-muffin tray sits to the left of the chocolate-covered breadboard. I’m sitting in an aftermath. The silicone tray was the second disaster.

The first involved taking a lot of expensive ingredients and not using a recipe for some items. Oh. Dear. Cue ganache that never, ever stiffens sufficiently. More chocolate didn’t help. Turns out the method used for milk and white chocolate truffles is different from that of dark, because those two create a more runny consistency. I didn’t know that until after the ganaches didn’t set.

The silicone tray was an experiment, and didn’t work even though the little fairycake style sweety papers fitted perfectly. I put chocolate on the bottom, then ganache, then swathed it in chocolate … yeah, swathed … And now the effect is one that a five-year-old child might have left.

The idea

milk chocolate orange truffle coated in white chocolate
white chocolate orange truffle coated in dark chocolate
dark chocolate truffle coated in some kind of chocolatemilk chocolate praline coated in dark chocolate with roasted hazelnuts
dark chocolate praline coasted in dark chocolate. Or milk. Or probably a mix of the three because I’ve no idea what chocolate will be left.

I got 27 pralines out of 75 hazelnuts and 150g milk chocolate, using a half-tsp measuring spoon, and coated them in less than 100g dark chocolate. My guess is that in the morning, the second batch of dark chocolate pralines, and the dark choc truffles should go well, with a likely result of around 64 finished sweets. None of them with orange.