Boston baked beans; warm tummy, warm heart

When it’s cold and blustery out there, and all you’ve got is a rain-drenched dog walk to look forward to, sometimes you need something ordinary, easy, warming, and tasty to eat. I like to think of Boston Baked Beans as comfort food, but the fact is, it’s nothing more than homemade baked beans.

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Stormy Weather

Well, we’ve moved with an abrupt force, from balmy, clear, sunny (warmish) spring days, to what the media is terming ‘wintry’.  A survey taken from two people who had to climb over a wall and run across a field several times (the lives of two stranded lambs in the wrong field were at stake) in driving snowstones and galeforce winds, says that ‘wintry’ doesn’t @#*&%!~ cover it.

Wintry is to this evil, squally blizzard that a toothless Jack Russell is to a slavering werewolf. Wintry is Christmas Card, not Hell cooled down.