Boston baked beans; warm tummy, warm heart

When it’s cold and blustery out there, and all you’ve got is a rain-drenched dog walk to look forward to, sometimes you need something ordinary, easy, warming, and tasty to eat. I like to think of Boston Baked Beans as comfort food, but the fact is, it’s nothing more than homemade baked beans.

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Super-fast, super-slimming chickpea soup

Soup is a total lifesaver when you can’t be bothered to really cook.

It’s one of the easiest meals to make and usually seems to keep hunger at bay for longer than most others, although I’m not sure there’s any science behind my claim.

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PRESS THIS: Fermented food is linked to mental health (in a good way mostly).

Interesting, if dry, article about how the bacteria in our bellies appears to affect our mental well-being, and how fermented food works with that thankfully prolific and hardy bacteria.

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